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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Micayla Medek

This woman was only 23 when she died from the injures she got from the shooting. 23! She was in college still and so much to look forward too. Job, husband, kids, and its been all taken away from her. It was her dream to go to India, she was saving money to take a trip there. She was described as a very independent soul and even though she was the youngest of three she was determined to make her own way. This something that her father said that really sticks with me:  After Medek went missing, her parents waited for news all day Friday -- torture for Greg Medek, 49, who paced the house thinking about his baby, "my sweetheart angel girl," a brown-eyed brunet with an open face who loved Hello Kitty, hot pink, fairies and boas and Beanie Babies.{,0,6979871.story}

I pray that her family and friends can move on from their grieve and I hope the shooter regrets taking such a beautiful from us.Micayla Medek

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