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Monday, July 23, 2012

Alex Sullivan

Alex Sullivan is one of the twelve victims to die in the century 16 shooting. Alex was out watching "The Dark Knight Rises" to celebrate his 27th birthday.“Oh man one hour till the movie and its going to be the best BIRTHDAY ever,” is what Sullivan tweeted right before the premiere. "The Sullivan family lost a cherished member of their family today,Alex was smart, funny, and above all loved dearly by his friends and family." said the family. Whats even worse is that two days after Sullivan died, he was planning to celebrate his one year with his wife Cassandra. 
I know this is not anything special and does not even tell half of his story but I'm grieving and praying for his family,  and anyone else who is suffereing the lose of this great man I don't know what its like to lose someone this close to you but I just want to say that Aurora is completely behind this family, ready to hello them whenever they need it.

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