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Monday, August 6, 2012

Eye Candy Monday{4} Etienne St Clair

This week's Eye Candy is from the AMAZING book Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. For those of you who have read this book I'm sure you know how wonderful Etienne is!

  • He is short{ as in very short...}
  • He he has amazing hair
  • He is a history buff
  • He has a British accent 

Quotes from Etienne St Clair: 
“A moment of reserve. "That was it? The whole story?"
"Yes. God, you're right. That was pants."
I sidestep another aggressive couscous vendor. "Pants?"
"Rubbish. Crap. Shite."
Pants. Oh heavens, that's cute.” 

“Most people in Atlanta don't have an accent. It's pretty urban. A lot of people speak gangsta, though," I add jokingly. 
"Fo' shiz," he replies in his polite English accent. 
I spurt orangey-red soup across the table. St. Clair gives a surprised ha-HA kind of laugh, and I'm laughing too, the painful kind like abdominal crunches. He hands me a napkin to wipe my chin. "Fo'. Shiz." He repeats it solemnly.
Cough cough. "Please don't ever stop saying that. It's too-" I gasp. "Much."
"You oughtn't to have said that. Now I shall have to save it for special occasions."
"My birthday is in February." Cough choke wheeze. "Please don't forget.” 

“Har. Bloody. Har."
He smiles. "Oh, I see. Known me less than a day and teasing me about my accent. What's next? Care to discuss the state of my hair? My height? My trousers?"
Trousers. Honestly.” 

For those of you that have not read this book, what are you still doing here?? GO GET IT!

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