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Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Site

Hi everyone! Kat, Nyght, and I have decided to each make our own blogs. My blog my is still going be about book reviews and I will be moving all my posts from the HHEIB site to here. But until I get this site up and running all my reviews will still be here:


  1. Hi! I followed your weebly before and I'm going to follow you on here with GFC, but you don't have the follower gadget added yet! (You can add it in layout.)


    1. What is GFC? Sorry I am not very tech savvy!

    2. Google Friend Connect. It's a method of following for Blogspots. On my page, you'll see on the sidebar a section called "Followers". Those are my GFC followers. You can add that gadget to your page by going to your layout page, choosing add gadget, and selecting the 'followers' gadget. You can then move it to the spot on your blog where you prefer it.

    3. I added a Google+ Badge!